The Resume is the Only Exam Paper that we all create in our lives

which is given to the interviewer to ask questions during the interview. Hence, we cannot lose the best opportunity of writing about ourselves in the best possible manner in our Resume

The Resume Should Mirror Ourselves 

Most of us, end up taking our friend’s or relatives’ resumes, making changes, and submitting the same, as and when required. NEVER DO THIS. Your resume should look like you and not look like anyone else’s document.

99% of the discussion in an interview

Revolves around what is written on your resume. So, we must mention all those things that are important about our career so we can be confident about talking

Have a very strong professional summary

Mention why you are more competent than any other candidate to fill in the vacant role. It should be a mix of your functional and behavioral skills.

Do not Write Achievements all over the Resume

Your achievements should help you to get a call since they are a reiteration of what you are capable of, and what you bring onto the table in today’s scheme of things.

The Types and size of Font of the Resume Matters 

We come across Resumes that do not have uniformity as far as the type and size of the font. We see multiple fonts in the same resume and multiple sizes in the same paragraph or segment. This is a strict NO NO

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